Call for January Show at Da Vinci Art Alliance
January 18- 29th, 2017

This juried exhibition examines personal, private, and public perceptions of the queer self and how these have changed over time. From the 20th Century’s early criminalization of homosexuality; Oscar Wilde’s trial; its medicalization as an Illness; gay liberation; the AIDS epidemic; to the 21st century’s overturning of Bowers versus Hardwick’s Don’t ask don’t tell, and the landmark supreme court decision legalizing same sex marriage.

How Do I Look? Examines these historical shifts in the context of our own queer communal perceptions of self as well as how society continues to view us. How Do I Look asks, important questions at the center of our personal, private and public perceptions of the queer self.

This call is open to all LGBT identified artists working in all mediums with work that addresses personal, private, and public perceptions of the queer self and how these have changed over time. Juried Prizes.

Deadline to submit is Saturday, January 7th mid-night.
Submissions entered after the deadline will not be accepted.

Application fee is $20 for members and $30 for non-members.
$30.00 fee covers multiple submissions, which are encouraged.

Small works encouraged given potential limits of gallery space.

Digital work accepted including video.

No performance art submissions given limits of gallery space.

Online application only.

Notification of Acceptance: Sunday, January 8th 2017


  • In the body of an email: Please include: For each jpeg- Artist’s Name, phone number, title, size, medium, price, and a short description of how the work fits into the exhibition ‘s theme. Number this info to match your images. All JPEGS should be 72 dpi and 2500 pixels max on longest dimension.
  • Identify each slide as follows: 1_full_name.jpeg
  • Email to with the title of the email: How Do I Look submission.
  • You will be notified after the jury selection process for drop off dates.

Rules for Entry

  • Artist may submit up to 3 entries. Total of 6 images.
  • Entry fee is non-refundable and must be received before the application deadline.
  • Pay online or make check payable to: Da Vinci Art Alliance. All checks must be received before the entry deadline.
  • All artists are asked to galley sit for a 2 hour period during the open hours of the exhibition.
  • Open to all 2D and 3D mediums. All work should not exceed 40” in any direction or weigh more than 50lbs. Digital imagery will also be accepted and displayed electronically via TV screen monitor.
  • Some work artist may be required to install.
  • Da Vinci is responsible for all press releases, listings, price lists and gallery labels. Your participation is permission to include images of artwork in promotion. Artwork will be handled with great care, but Da Vinci Art Alliance is not responsible for loss or damage.
  • Insurance is the responsibility of the artist.
  • All work must be delivered and picked up.
  • All delivered work must be ready to hang or displayed. Improperly prepared work or work deemed too fragile will not be accepted. Staff from Da Vinci Art Alliance may ask artist for assistance with installation if the artwork requires special attention.
  • The artist receives 80% commission on artwork sold from this exhibition, and as a result of contacts made through the Da Vinci Art Alliance. Payment to the artist will be sent within 30 days or sooner after the show closes.
  • Take down and pick up of art work January 29, 2017 from 5-7 PM.

For questions about gallery space contact Jessica Julius, Exhibition Coordinator at

Presented by

Da Vinci Art Alliance + Casa de Duende